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Play the rules of sailing

Probably one of the best sites for an in-depth look at design and ideas for sailing.  Tho directed to one metres its detailed information is equally applicable to all classes of radio sailing

Contains an interesting simple section on racing rules see the section on 'Race' at the bottom of the table

An article suggested by one of our readers was to an interesting electric motor site suitable for young inquisitive minds.  Well done
 Stuart, who did the research on his own, found this page about a simple electric motor called Beakmanís Electric Motor -

Ben's Sail Making Site

This site looks at the way Ben has developed a technique to produce excellent performing sails.  Its procedures and methods are outlined in detail with many photos and diagrams.  On-going development means its worth a look every now and again.

Radio Yacht SuppliesRadio Yacht Supplies Australia

An excellent supplier of Radio Yacht Supplies in Australia and beyond.  They now stock Mylar material for sail-making in three weights

How sails work

Radio Sailing Shop

A comprehensive site supplying a full range of radio sailing fittings.  On-line ordering and PayPal for convenient , safe payment.

Sailing Hints - a new section by Ben Morris
This set of pages  seeks to assist the radio yachty by endeavouring to understand some of the common issues  faced by new and experienced sailors.  It looks at issues not normally considered by other experts but looks at things like 'How to get the most from gusts' or Using your rudder effectively and efficiently'

Ultralite Radio Yachting

If you want a high quality carbon mast for marblehead - this is the place.  14 mm bottom section and tapered top section keeps the rig working at all times.  They also produce a 'killer' fin amongst other items

Sailboat Rigging and Tuning
This is a selection of useful sites.  While most discus full sized yachts much the same principles apply to r/c yachts


battery discussionBattery Discussion

Want to know what battery to use in a Racing Yacht.  Ben Morris discusses the options in this article.  Newest technology is discussed and explanations and suggestions given

How to sail fast : Rig tuning and Sail Setting by Bob Sterne
Bob Sterne is the Executive Secretary of the CRYA, and one of the top Radio Controlled Sailboat designers. He builds World Class boats and his sails are the most popular in Championship regattas in North America.

Useful Documents Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) etc

Appendix E see in complete RRS
Complete RRS
Sail Identification  see also in complete RRS

Class Information

Class Rules, Specifications etc