Information on yachts of all kinds for sale can be submitted to this site.  Please supply the type of yacht and description of rig, construction etc.  A photo of the yacht is recommended though not essential.  Send request to Ben Morris at  Please advise when yacht has been sold.  All future requests will have the date posted included on the information.
page last updated on 22/06/2017


Hard Chine Model yacht

Ready to sail
Batteries and 2.4 Hz receiver installed
HiTech winch
Ply on frame construction
Glassed inside and out
Two pack enamel finish
No Leaks
Sails beautifully
Dimensions L=730cm W=270cm
Height - bottom of keel to top of mast 130cm
$400 ONO

Contact Murray Pearce 0413497171

IOM 'Orca'

This is a real bargain for someone wishing to get started in an IOM.  It is a well kept yacht and quite competitive.

Deal includes 'A' rig only, RMG winch, orange 2.4 gHz tramnsmitter, 4 liPo battteries

Ready to sail

Contact Roger Ph 0424393155

Cost: $795


Posted: 11/3/2017
Phantom RC Yacht

Complete as new model - still in box

No remote

$100 plus postage

Contact Maria -

Posted: 01/06/15


Posted: 4/4/15

No longer available 20/6/17